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Situated astride the Equator and bordering Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia and the Indian Ocean, Kenya is a country with fascinating features ranging from the snow capped Mt. Kenya, the Great Rift Valley with some geothermal activities, the vast plains teeming with wildlife, to the sunny and sandy beaches along the coastline.

Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi, is situated at the heart of the country and serves as the business and communication hub for East and Central Africa, while the historic city of Mombasa accommodates the natural harbour, Kilindini which is the regional gateway. Apart from these attractions, Kenya is famous world over for the production of high quality tea.

The tea industry operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture for technical and policy guidance. The industry is well structured right from the apex regulatory body, the Tea Board of Kenya, the Tea Research Foundation of Kenya, through to the producers, tea manufacturing factories, the trade and the blending and packing establishments.

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