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Kenya enjoys a relatively free press. The most popular English language dailies are the Daily Nation , the East Affrican Standard and the Kenya Times. The East African, produced on a weekly basis, is a review of the week’s main news in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. All three newspapers contain a reasonable coverage of international news and sport. There are several Swahili dailies, including Taifa Leo and Kenya Leo.

International newspapers and magazines are widely available in Kenya. The UK Daily Telegraph and the Daily Express as well as the American International Herald Tribune are the most popular international newspapers. Time Newsweek, National Geographic, The Economist, and The Spectator are also widely available.

There are a number of local special interest magazines produced in Kenya of ever-improving quality. Travel News & Lifestyle Kenya is one particularly popular magazine on sale locally for both residents and visitors to Kenya offering plenty of useful travel information and an insight into everyday life in Kenya.