[3rd February 2010]

SOTOKOTO Safari Marathon in Nairobi

"Smile Africa Project" is a project involved in the collection and donation of exused children’s shoes. All the activities of "Smile Africa Project” are conducted under the slogan "Let’s send smiling shoes to the kids”. The collected shoes are donated to the bear and similar to the less fortunate, specifically bare foot children in the developing countries.
2nd SOTOKOTO Safari Marathon will be held on Sunday 23rd May 2010 in Nairobi as one of the events of "Smile Africa Project”. This is a very rare marathon event which would provide you with a great opportunity to run in a National Park.
We received many participants not only from Kenya but also various parts of Africa last year during the 1st SOTOKOTO Marathon. This year, we shall create awareness for the children to appreciate the fun and the greatness and value of running through this event. Also, we will deliver all the shoes collected in Japan under the slogan of "Let’s send smiling shoes to the kids” to Kenya at this time.
Please refer to the following information regarding the 2nd SOTOKOTO Safari Marathon. The race Director is Mr. Douglas WAKIHURI who won a Silver Medal at the 1988 Seoul Olympics Marathon. Also it is interesting to note that Ms. Naoko Takahashi who won a Gold Medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics Marathon has decided to participate.
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Date of Event:
Sunday 23rd May 2010
Race Categories:
(1) Half Marathon 21km
(2) Kids Marathon 4km
(1) Half Marathon 10:00 a.m.
(2) Kids Marathon 08:30 a.m.
The Secretariat of SOTOKOTO Safari Marathon
The Smile Africa Project Tokyo Office
Kenya Wildlife Service
Kenya Association of Athletics Federations
Mpata Investment Ltd. in Nairobi
Mpata International Inc. in Tokyo
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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