[15th December 2010]

Kenya Flower Industry participated in IFEX 2010

Kenya flower industry participated in International Flower Expo 2010 for the second consecutive years. IFEX was held at Makuhari Messe from 28th to 30th October, 2010.

Eight Kenyan companies, Branan Flowers, Mosi Flowers, Suera Flowers, Magana Flowers, Valentine Growers, Simbi Roses, Zena Roses, Pigeon Blooms and a government agent, Horticultural and Crops Development Authority, took part in one of the most successful exhibitions that appears to offer great opportunity for the fast growing Kenya flower industry in Japan.
Kenyan flowers are getting popular in the Japanese market because of the longer life and for the material of preserved flowers.

The Main Flowers Exported from Kenya are

This list is not by any means exhaustive as there are so many varieties of flowers grown at different flower growing locations in Kenya. Enquiries and visits to individual flower company farms in Kenya and on the company home pages as well as Horticultural Crops Development Authority or Kenya Flower Council can provide comprehensive list of available flower varieties.

Kenya Flower Companies Contacts – IFEX 2010

Branan Flowers
P.O Box 39399
Nairobi, Kenya
TEL: +254-733-615251
Contact: Mr. Morris Wahome, Director
e-mail: admin@transebel.co.ke
Website: http://brananflowers.com/

Mosi Flowers
P.O. Box 39399
Nairobi, Kenya
TEL: +254-722-204911
e-mail: admin@mosiflowers.co.ke
Website: http://mosiflowers.com/
Contact: Ms. Rose Wahome, Director

Suera Flowers Ltd.
P.O. Box 62599
Nairobi Kenya
TEL: +254-65-32000
e-mail: suerafarm@suerafarm.sgc.co.ke
Website: www.suera.co.ke
Contact: Mrs. Susan W. Mureithi, Director

Zena Roses Ltd.
P.O. Box 62599
Nairobi, Kenya
TEL: +254-20-2328970/1
e-mail: info@zenaroses.co.ke
Website: www.zenaroses.com
Contact. Mr. Ahmed K. Nzibo, Director

Magana Flowers Kenya Ltd.
P.O. Box 14618-00800
Nairobi, Kenya
TEL: +254-20-2017651
e-mail: pmwangi@maganaflowers.com
Website: www.maganaflowers.com
Contact: Mr. Peter Mwangi, General Manager

Valentine Growers
P.O. Box 1846-00900
Kiambu Kenya
TEL: +254-20-3542466
e-mail: joseph.kamau@valentinegrowers.com
Website: www.valentinegrowers.com
Contact: Mr. Joseph Kamau, Business Development & Marketing Manager

Simbi Roses Ltd.
P.O. Box 14303-00800
Nairobi, Kenya
TEL: +254-020-4448230
e-mail: grace@sansora.co.ke
Contact: Ms. Grace Nyachae, Executive Director

Pigeon Blooms Ltd.
P.O. Box 128-00521
Embakasi, Nairobi Kenya
TEL: +254-726-332642
e-mail: info@pigeonblooms.com
Contact Mr. Eliud Njenga, Managing Director

Horticultural Crops Development Authority
P.O. Box 42601-00100
Nairobi Kenya
TEL: +254-020-2088469
e-mail: fjelagat@hcda.co.ke
Website: www.hcda.or.ke
Contact: Ms. Florence Jelagat, Marketing Officer

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