[15th December 2010]

Progress on WFWP projects in Kenya and Trinidad and Tobago

Kenya and Trinidad and Tobago were the focus during this year’s annual Christmas party of the Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) held on December 11, 2010. During the occasion, a detailed progress report of the organization’s activities in Kenya was delivered.

The WFWP is an NGO founded in 1992 under the motto “ Humankind is a Family living in one Home, the Earth”. WFWP has endeavoured to contribute to the attainment of the Millennium development Goals (MDGs). In Kenya, the organization founded the Handow Secondary School in 1998 in one of the remote rural areas and which it has constantly supported since then. The Ambassador who was the main Speaker at the occasion delivered an address.


The chair lady of women’s federation for world peace
Members of WFWP
Distinguished guest
Ladies and gentlemen
Merry Christmas
May I take this opportunity to thank you for inviting us to share the spirit of Christmas during this charity event. I am honoured and proud to be associated with WFWP. From the onset I wish to salute all women present here. Women are bearers and guardians of life in fact women play a major role in the development of a person and society in general.

Looking at all eight Millennium Development Goals, we find that they are all interconnected, interdependent, and one of the cross cutting themes is gender equality and women's empowerment. If women are empowered, if women are literate, there is very clear evidence that this will have a positive impact on the achievement of all the MDGs. For example MDG4, on child mortality, women are the primary care givers to children; MDG6 on HIV and AIDS, on account of the interaction of gender inequality and the spread of the virus; and MDG7 on water, sanitation and the environment, given among things, women’s disproportionate role in water provision. In this regard therefore women hold the key towards achievement MDGs.

I wish to commend the noble work being undertaken by WFWP in the attainment of MDGs and in particular their efforts to augment Kenya’s efforts towards the provision of education. The work being done by WFWP in my country cannot go without mention. Since 1998 WFWP has supported Handow Secondary School which has seen 1,390 students graduate with a good number proceeding to join university. On behalf of my government I wish to express gratitude for your support and dedication.

The government of Kenya on its part has supported the noble work of WFWP by accrediting Handow Secondary School into a public school thus being able to inter alia: assign teaching staff to the institution. Let me also reiterate our gratitude for the foster parent programme which has enabled a good majority of the students to access education through the school.
The government of Kenya recognizes that women are an integral part of development and thus instrumental in the achievement of both Vision 2030, Kenya’s development blueprint and MDGs. The government has thus taken deliberate actions to incorporate women in all aspects of development. The new constitution which was promulgated in August provides a legal framework for gender equality and women empowerment.

You may wish to know that currently the Government is endearing to ensure a 30% allocation of employment opportunities in the public sector to women. This provision has been entrenched in the new constitution. Further, the constitution will ensure 30% of all elective leadership positions go to women.

Finally, it is my sincere hope that we shall continue to support WFWP in its endevours towards the achievements of MDGs. Let me take this opportunity to wish you a happy festive season, good health and prosperity in the New Year.


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