[25th January 2011]


Following the successful conclusion of the South Sudan Referendum exercise, the Government of The Republic of Kenya wishes to issue the following statement on the overall conduct of the plebiscite.

The Government of the Republic of Kenya joins the rest of the international community in applauding the peaceful and transparent conduct of the referendum process. With the entire process officially declared free and fair by the South Sudan Referendum Commission and all observers, the Government and the people of Kenya wish to extend warm congratulations to the people of Southern Sudan for turning out in large numbers and conducting themselves in a peaceful and exemplary manner during the six day voting. The Government also applauds the South Sudan Referendum Commission (SSRC), the South Sudan Referendum Bureau (SSRB), the SPLM and the National Congress Party as well as the Government of National Unity and the Government of Southern Sudan for successfully steering the just concluded referendum to its successful conclusion.

Kenya further congratulates the leadership of the national Congress Party and the National Government in Khartoum for their commitments and support to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) since its inception. In this regard, the Government urges the National Congress Party to continue in the same spirit of dialogue with the SPLM in order to resolve the outstanding as well as the post-referendum issues, which are equally important.

Kenya also takes note of the fact that the successful conclusion of the referendum is insufficient to guarantee overall peace in the Sudan, particularly between the North and South. In as much as the plebiscite marked the high point in the implementation of the CPA, there are few but weighty issues that remain outstanding and which must be addressed fully within the interim period ending July 9, 2011. The two parties to the CPA are therefore encouraged to maintain high level contacts and implement the Framework Document signed in Khartoum on 13th November, 2010, which spelt out the road map for the pending and post-referendum issues. Kenya will continue to advocate for the full implementation of all the remaining aspects of the CPA and to work with and support both North and South in this endeavor.

17TH JANUARY, 2011

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