[9th April 2011]

Request for views by the Task Force on Citizenship and related provisions of the Constitution

Pursuant to the promulgation of the new Constitution, the Minister of State for Immigration and Registration of Persons established the Task Force on Citizenship and related provisions of the Constitution. Gazette Notice number 16509 dated 20th December, 2010 outlines the terms of reference for the task force.

The terms of reference were to among others collect and collate public views including views from Kenyans in Diaspora, undertake stakeholder and public consultations to develop consensus for the proposals to be made for amendments to existing legislations or coming up with new laws for the full implementation of the provisions of Chapter 3 of the Constitution on Citizenship and related provisions.

The Task Force is therefore requesting written views from Kenyans on the following issues:-

  1. Citizenship, definition of a citizen and proof of citizenship
  2. Dual citizenship and the limitations on degree of relation on the descendants of Kenyan citizens born outside Kenya
  3. Rights, obligations and duties of a Kenya Citizen and how registration aids or inhibits the same
  4. Acquisition of Citizenship by registration in Kenya in comparison with other jurisdictions
  5. Marriage and citizenship
  6. Presumption of citizenship for a child found in Kenya who is or appears to be less than Eight (8) years of age
  7. Refugee status in Kenya
  8. Statelessness; the historical background to Statelessness in Kenya, how the law can be used to cure it
  9. The adequacy or inadequacy of the current Kenyan Immigration laws
  10. Offences and penalties in Citizenship, Refugees and Immigration laws
  11. Identification and Registration of persons resident in Kenya
  12. The national identity card; its functions purposes, and limitations
  13. Since a birth certificate is a basic document of identification, what would be the best process of accessing and/or obtaining it?
  14. How can technology be most effectively used for purposes of efficient registration of persons in Kenya?
  15. Comments and/or suggestions regarding data protection, the right to information and the rights of privacy in the context of registration of persons in Kenya and access to records thereof.

Submissions can be made to the secretariat whose address is Maendeleo House, Room 7- 03 on 7th Floor, P.O. Box 30191 - 00100, Nairobi or through email address: citizenshipmirp@kenya.go.ke

For further clarifications, kindly call the following numbers;
+254 712777810, +254 733663566 & +254 20 2166150

Visit the Ministry of Immigration and Registration of Persons website www.mirp.go.ke for more information regarding Immigration and Registration issues

Deadline for submissions shall be 30th April, 2011

Your thoughts, comments and views will be highly appreciated.

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