[14th June 2011]


On 23rd April, 2011, the Ambassador officially opened the “Hiraiwa Photo Exhibition” which lasted 2 weeks at the Condor Group Gallery. More than 1,500 captivating photos of the unique Kenyan landscape and variety of wildlife in their natural habitat were on display.

The Condor Group Gallery hosts one of the most spectacular photo exhibitions on Kenyan wildlife on regular basis. The photos exhibited are taken by tourists who visit Kenya with the Hiraiwa’s African Tour. The Hiraiwa African Tour is managed by a team of father and daughter Michio and Masayo Hiraiwa who are Kenya’s Tourism Goodwill Ambassador. The Hiraiwas have made over 130 visits to Kenya spanning 4 decades. Over 6,000 tourists have been to Kenya with through Hiraiwa’s Tours.

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