[20th July 2011]

Online Dissemination of Draft Legislative Bills to the Kenyan Communities in Diaspora

The Embassy has been requested by the Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution (CIC) to assist it in engaging Kenyan Diaspora to actively participate in the preparation of the laws on citizenship as well as other legislation in order to enhance public participation. In this regards, attention is drawn to Kenyans residing in Japan to the Commission’s website: www.cickenya.org where you can access the draft bills as well as give your comments regarding the same.
The following draft bills are under consideration and you are requested to provide your comments through the aforementioned Commission’s interactive website:-

  1. The Kenyan Citizenship and Immigration Bill, 2011
  2. The Kenyan Citizens and Foreign Nationals Management Service Bill, 2011
  3. The Public Finance Management Bill
  4. The Election Bill

Kindly accord this matter your attention and provide any necessary assistance to the Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution.

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