[30th November 2012]

A Treat from Lakewood Golf Club

The Ambassador participated in a Special Golf Outing on 27 November 2012 at the Lakewood Golf Club. The event was organized jointly between the Club and the Pacific Group of Ambassadors ostensibly to bid farewell to the outgoing Ambassador of Ghana, H.E. Dr. William George Mensah Brandful. Members of the Club joined the Pacific Ambassadors and African colleagues in the unique outing.

From L – R: Mr. Kazumi Watanabe of Lakewood Golf Club; Mr. Dennis Bebego, Minister of Papua New Guinea Embassy; H.E. Mr. John Fritz, Ambassador of Micronesia; Mr. Kunio Kawamura of Lakewood Golf Club; H.E. Dr. William George Mensah Brandful, Ambassador of Ghana; H.E. Mr. Gabriel JK Dusava, Ambassador of Papua New Guinea; H.E. Mr. Benson H. O. Ogutu, Ambassador of Kenya; and Mr. Fred Terada of Lakewood Golf Club.

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