[2nd October 2013]


Kenyans in Japan are greatly shocked, grieved and outraged by the senseless act of terrorism that was directed against the Westgate Shopping mall by the agents of evil on 21st September 2013. We are extremely saddened and angered to see the resultant deaths of many beloved fellow Kenyans as well as some friends of Kenya from other countries on that fateful day. We are equally saddened that this heinous terrorist attack also injured many innocent people whose only mistake was to attend to their peaceful errands at the Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi.

As Kenyans living far from our motherland, we join thousands of Kenyans to defiantly declare that Terrorism has no room on our soil. We wholly and categorically condemn in the strongest terms possible this cowardly act. We take this early opportunity to express our deepest and heartfelt condolences to all the bereaving families who lost their loved ones so cruelly and abruptly- as we extend our deep sympathies to all those who suffered physical and psychological wounds as a result of the tragic attack.

Despite the tragic events of this atrocious attack, Kenyans in Japan stand in total solidarity with our compatriots back home. We are determined to see that no matter how hard they may try; no terrorist act or threat will break our common resolve to pursue our national values to work for peace at home and in our region. We believe that as a country, Kenya is treading the right path of democracy and socio-economic growth. Nothing must be allowed to derail us from our national Vision- Vision 2030.

As we continue to entrust our government to fight all threats to our security including terrorism, we call upon all our Kenyan brothers and sisters to rise up in vigilance and in their patriotic duty against the menace. Together we can defend our nation and the right to peace, national unity and stability. Though we have been wounded by the Westgate mall terrorist attack, we pray that this attack will only serve to concretize our national resolve and solidarity to work for Peace and justice both at home and abroad.

As for Kenyans in JAPAN, the attack has only galvanized our community and enhanced the depth of our patriotism to invest more in our country as well as commit more to love, fight harder for peace and unity; and respect more the rich ethnic, religious and national diversity within our borders.

We join all Kenyans as we enter into a new chapter of resilience. We are determined to stand tall and unshaken. We call upon the international community to stand with Kenya in fighting this global scourge because terrorism has no respect for national boundaries. We laud His Excellency the President of the Republic who declared that "As a nation, our head is bloodied, but unbowed." We believe like many Kenyans that we have "conquered evil unflinchingly this time and Kenya will rise and shine again as never before. May the Almighty God bless Kenya."


30th September, 2013

Mr. Emmanuel Mutisya

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