[11th December 2013]


Kenya's Participants pose for a group photo with trainers, officers from Tokushima Prefecture and observers from Rwanda and Vietnam

A delegation, comprising of 21 senior education officials from the Ministry of Education as well as Teachers Service Commission in Kenya, was in Japan for a month-long (6th November to 6th December 2013) training under the auspices of Japan International Cooperation Agency – JICA. The training, under the Strengthening Mathematics and Science Education (SMASE) Project, was aimed at improving the Mathematics and Science lessons in primary schools in Kenya as well as upgrading the capacity of young Kenyan in the mentioned fields.

During the training period, the participants had an opportunity to visit elementary schools in Japan to offer practical lessons and interact with students. The training also entailed learning basic Japanese language, ICT orientation, lesson-planning and presentation, among others.

The SMASE project was launched by JICA and the Ministry of Education in Kenya in 1998 as a pilot project in 9 districts in Kenya. The project provides in-service education training for teachers to improve teaching methods and encourages them to offer more hands-on and interactive lessons. Following its success in Kenya, the project was expanded to other African countries in 2004. Today there are 33 countries from Western, Eastern, Central, and Southern Africa participating in the SMASE project.

"Science lessons in Grade six"

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