[28th March 2014]


The Ambassador H.E. Ogutu in center with AWAAJ members. Mrs. Wambugu, Kenya Embassy and volunteer staff from MIFA

The Kenya Embassy once again participated 9th MIFA International Exchange Festival which organized by Meguro International Friendship Association (MIFA). The event which was held on 23 February 2014 attracted 1500 visitors at Main Hall at Meguro Persimmon Hall / Meguro Campus Park.
The purpose of this event is to make MIFA better known among residents in Meguro and deepening international understanding among themselves in international environments. The event includes various performances such as music, dances, singing on the stage, sales food and products as well as exhibition by Embassy where the office located in Meguro-ku. Total 11 Embassies were participated this year and introduced the respective countries and various products/exhibits.

This year, Kenya Embassy booth was shared with Association of Wives of African Ambassador in Japan (AWAAJ). Various types of African Cuisines were on sale at the booth. All the food was well sold and people enjoyed the African taste. The participation of AWAAJ made our booth attractive as it provided a platform for more interaction and display of wider African cultures.

Kenyan Booth with AWAAJ members

The Ambassador H.E. Ogutu with AWAAJ members

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