[1st December 2015]


The County Government of Homa Bay is inviting investors to an Investment Conference which will be held on 18th and 19th February 2016 at Tourist Hotel in Homa Bay.

Investment areas of interest to the county include inter-alia:

  • Investment opportunities in health, including improving Quality of Healthcare through increased investment in Homa Bay County Referral Hospital and other Level IV Hospitals ; investment in Health Supplies and Commodities Factory; and Ambulance Services and Emergency Response System
  • Investment Opportunities in Transport and Infrastructure. Focus will be on: Developing and Improving Road and Lake/Water Transport Infrastructure, Air Transport and Cargo Handling Facilities (Loose cargo e.g. oil and LPG, milk, purified water, etc. and Dry Cargo).
  • Investment opportunities in the Real Estate and Build Environment Sector including residential and commercial properties.
  • Investment in Tourism including the development of Beach Front Tourist Hotels along the shores of Lake Victoria; Eco-Lodges in Ruma National Parks and other Tourist Sites; Hotels and Conference Facilities; Wellness Centres.
  • Manufacturing and Agro-Processing such as Animal Feeds Factory, Textile and Apparel Factory, Maize Milling, Sweet Potato Factory, Fish Production, Processing and Packaging Fruits and Vegetable Production and Processing, Poultry Value Chain, Dairy Production and Processing.
  • Investment in Wholesale & Retail e.g. supermarkets chains, hardware shops, distributors of merchandize, pharmaceutical distributors and outlets.
  • Investment in Financial Services including banks, insurance, legal services, cooperative societies, micro-finance institutions and programs, village banking services, Forex Bureaus, auctioneering services.
  • Business Process Outsourcing and ICT Services
  • Investment in the energy Sector including Solar, Hydro and Wind Energy
  • Investment in the provision of social services such as private schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and specialized clinics.

It is the County Government's desire to ensure that Kenyans who left the continent in search for better opportunities and other foreigners with interest in exploring and seizing investment opportunities in Kenya could benefit from the unfolding opportunities created by the new political dispensation in Kenya.

The County Government of Homa Bay, therefore, acknowledges that the Diaspora would be a reliable bridge between Kenya and the rest of the world in terms of investment and trade promotion. The Diaspora could further strengthen these linkages by collaborating with local companies to expand their operations into Kenya. These companies would then act as vehicles for innovation, knowledge and technology transfer and exchange which would ultimately be good for the country's development.

The County Government is looking for partnerships such as: Joint Ventures; Angel Investors, Asset Financing, Concessional Agreements, Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), Co-operatives, Investment Groups; Individual entrepreneurs; Contract Financing; Procurement – LPO Financing, Microfinance and Credit, and Venture Capital.


The Governor
Homa Bay County Government, Kenya
P.O. Box 469-40300
Homa Bay
Tel: +254 7348899
E-mail: governor@homabay.go.ke

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