[5th October 2016]


Kenya Embassy's Booth at International City Ota Festival

The Kenya Embassy participated in the International City Ota Festival which was held at Haneda Airport on 1st October 2016. Ota City is connected to the rest of the world through Haneda Airport and hence sought to advertise itself as an international city through the Festival. It is anticipated that the number of overseas visitors traveling to Ota City via Haneda Airport will increase in the near future due to the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games and the expansion of Haneda Airport's international flight services.

The event provided a forum for international exchange for both participants and visitors. It was attended by 36,000 visitors and 44 Embassies participated. The numerous participants provided visitors with opportunity to interact and discover both overseas and Japanese cultures, and experience welcoming atmosphere of Ota City. The festival aimed at making the visitors feel like they were setting off on an adventure from Haneda to the rest of the world. The event also aimed at captivating visiting children to develop a fascination with parts of the world they have never seen, and hopefully grow into global citizens capable of being active on the world stage.

Mr. Matsubara Tadayoshi, Mayor of Ota city address at the opening ceremony

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