[21st December 2016]


The Embassy wishes to inform the general public in Japan that the Government of the Republic of Kenya in 2015 commenced a very convenient and effective means of visa application, payment and approval by e-mail through a website page of the Department of Immigration, Kenya. Further to this, the Embassy on 5th April 2016 uploaded on its website visa application guidelines titled HOW TO APPLY eVISA which are simple and clearly visible on the News & Information page of the Embassy's website.

The Embassy would however like to inform that it has come to the notice of the Government of Kenya that there exists a fraudulent website htpp:/www.kenya-evisa-online.com which is collecting e-visa application fees. The website has some features similar to the official immigration page except that the operators have not displayed their web page and name of company. Further, their disclaimer that theirs is not a government website is made in very small letters and placed at the bottom of the page where applicants are not likely to read.

The Embassy would therefore wishes to advise visa applicants that they should log on http://evisa.go.ke/evisa.html provided on the News & Information Page of the Embassy of the Republic of Kenya in Tokyo website and a page (the eCitizen- DEPARTMENT OF IMMIGRATION, KENYA IMMIGRATION) to obtain further gudance on e-visa application. Applicants of e-visa to Kenya are advised to use this official application procedure so as not to lose valuable cash and suffer inconvenience through fraudulent website(s) operated by unknown criminals.

The Embassy wishes to inform applicants that if the above official procedure is not followed, the Government of Kenya will not be held responsible for any inconvenience including visa application fee paid to fraudulent website operator(s).

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