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Reviewed measures and restrictions for new entry and re-entry into Japan for persons with vaccination certificate of COVID-19

12th November 2021

The government of Japan has eased entry measures into Japan effective 1st November, 2021. Pertinent points to note include the following:

  1. Re-entrants with re-entry permits
  2. Foreign nationals newly entering Japan for short term stay (less than 3 months) for business or work purposes.
  3. Foreign nationals newly entering Japan for long term stay whose necessity for eased restrictions is granted by the Ministry in charge of the business.

The new eased measures will apply to persons who have only stayed in designated regions/countries within 14 days prior to the date of return to Japan.


  1. These measures still require that eligible persons submit negative COVID-19 PCR test results conducted on and after the 10th day of their entry into Japan.
  2. Kenya is not listed among countries whose vaccination certificates are valid and recognized by Japan.

The attached document gives a summary of the new eased measures.